• No Place to Run (KGI #2) Taking Cover (Wingmen Warriors #2)

    Sunny? His brows draw together.

    Thank you for the lovely evening and for the bracelet.Feeling slightly dejected, I clear my throat. Good night, Zeke.

    The Saint-Germain Chronicles (Saint-Germain #6)

    I come through the back door, remove my dress coat, and hang it on the hook my roommate Melinda hammered into the wall herself.No, it’s me. Mel’s with Derek.I’m not three feet inside the house when my roommate Winnie pounces, releasing the hold she has on the gauzy living room curtains, stepping away from the window.

    Wings to the Kingdom (Eden Moore #2)

    The sneaky spy follows me down the dark, narrow hallway to my bedroom.Who on earth was that? She doesn’t hesitate to make herself at home, propping herself on the foot of my bed, fluffing a pillow to get comfortable. Seriously, who was that guy?

    His name is Zeke Daniels. We were at a fundraiser benefitting—

    Bzzz! Time out. She makes a buzzer sound, holding her hands in the universal sign for ‘time out’ and tapping obnoxiously."Fen would have been a child at the time, yes? So did your father pick his realm for him?" I ask. It must have been such an elaborate dupe for everyone to pretend Fen had been one of them all along.

    "Fen's realm didn't exist at the time," he says. "It was part of the Outlands. It was wild, which is why his realm sits at the edge of our kingdom and is the most desolate and untamed. High Castle was considered a realm, and my father was the seventh prince, the seventh curse. Have you not figured it out yet? Fen isn't cursed, not with what we are. There's a reason he's the Prince of War and not the Prince of Wrath, as the seven sins would have him. My father, the prince turned king, is the true Prince of Wrath."I have so many questions, about Fen and his brothers and Lucian. "So what happened when you claimed this realm?" I ask.

    Vain (The Seven Deadly #1)

    "I was sure my father would side with one of my brothers, but he surprised me. Though it was thousands of years ago, I still remember clearly. I remember when he told me the news. He grasped my shoulder and said, ‘Though we no longer live in the Silver Gardens, I would never wish to see them burn,’ and then he left. It was one of the few moments, I think, that we truly understood each other. And because of that, I will never forget.""It’s beautiful," I say, motioning to the nature around us, this private sanctuary, this secret.

    He looks up, deep into my eyes. "Not as beautiful as the woman before me."I can’t help it. I blush. Probably just the wine. "Please… I saw those women ogling you back in the city. I don’t even compare."

    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I claim that leaf is perfect in its form, who’s to say I am wrong? If I say that rock brings me joy, who is to question me? If I confess, you are the most amazing women I have ever met, who will change my mind?"He leans forward. Closer. Closer. Until our lips almost touch.

    His scent is sweet and intoxicating. His warmth consuming."You are under the influence of drink," he says.