• The Darkest Craving (Lords of the Underworld #10) Tanner's Virgin (Evan Tanner #6)

    Dora moved to the other side of the room, where a new fireplace mantel was being installed.

    Adele, who had been listening to our exchange, spoke up. This is the girl who killed Stefan Price? You didn’t tell me she was Fae.She’s not Fae. She’s Mohiri. Orias huffed in irritation. And I couldn’t tell you because she put a gag on me.

    Night World : Soulmate (Night World #6)

    Nikolas gave me a questioning look, and I shrugged.Adele’s eyes came back to me. But that means you are not Fae as you and Eldeorin led me to believe. What game are you playing?This is not a game to me, I replied.

    The Demigod Diaries

    Her eyes narrowed. Why did you lie to me?I could ask you the same question. I pulled three photos from my pocket and tossed them on the coffee table.

    Adele picked them up, her slender fingers almost caressing the edges. Where did you get these?

    From a box of things my mother left behind.Delphine, hungry? Want a nice herring? she called out.

    Here you go, Carson called, and tossed a fish. In a flash, Delphine caught it and sent it down the hatch.The three women cheered with mutual relief while Delphine looked back, eager for more.

    To Tame a Highland Warrior (Highlander #2)

    Carson fed Delphine the rest of the fish, praising her for each bit she ate until the bucket was empty.This is excellent, Lynne told Carson. Better than I’d hoped. She needs to eat about eight pounds of herring and capelin a day. So, she said, smiling broadly, how long can you stay as a volunteer?

    A week, maybe. I don’t have a job or a place to live. I can’t afford to stay much longer. Is a week long enough for Delphine to turn a corner?I think she’s already doing better. Just starting to eat again is huge. She gazed out at Delphine swimming in slow, tight circles around the tank. Sometimes, all we need is a little love.

    Carson thought of her grandmother, of her sisters, of Blake. Of how the love shared this summer had already changed her.I’ll put you in charge of Delphine’s feeding, Lynne said. Angela will show you what to do in food prep. You can continue hand feeding her for a little longer, just until she’s stronger. Then we’ll get her eating on her own. I’d like to get Delphine in the large pool soon. There’ll be more room for her to swim and we’ll just toss the fish in for her to catch rather than hand feeding. This is an important step, should we return Delphine to the wild. The more hands-off we remain, the better it will be for her.

    Return to the wild? Carson asked, surprised by this possibility. I thought Delphine was going to a care facility.That’s not for certain yet. Before today, I wasn’t sure she’d survive. Our first goal is always to return the dolphins to the wild once they’re healthy. But she’s got a ways to go. We’ll just have to wait and see.