• Devil of the Highlands (Devil of the Highlands #1) The Countess (Madison Sisters #1)

    What had eventually caught his eye was a scrape across the floorboards, something easily missed—indeed, he had almost ignored it himself. But upon close examination, it clearly pointed in the direction of this eastern juncture of walls and a buildup of dust, sticks, and leaves.

    I just dont want to do anything wrong. I guess . . . Im responsible for her now, you know. I want to do the right thing.I totally understand that.

    Sweet Blood of Mine (Overworld Chronicles #1)

    What do humans do with their dead?We put them in the earth—or at least, thats one option. Thats what I did with my mom. I had her cremated and then buried.Mary nodded. Like yours.

    Cross My Heart, Hope To Die (The Lying Game #5)

    There was a pause and she stayed quiet so that Bitty had the space to feel whatever she was feeling. In the silence, Mary took a good look at the girl, noting the reed-thin arms and legs, the tiny body beneath the layers.Where did you put her in the ground? Bitty asked.

    In a cemetery. Across town.

    Its a place where humans bury their dead and mark the graves with headstones so that you know where yours are. From time to time, I go back and put flowers by her site.Reading aloud, she said, Bypass main gates . . . go around—shit!

    Something shot out into the road, the figure moving rag-doll sloppy and tripping directly in front of her car. Slamming on the brakes, she hit the man—no, it was a slayer: The blood that speckled across the windshield was black as ink, and the thing took off once more, even though one of its legs looked broken.Heart pounding, she swallowed and punched the gas again, afraid there were others behind it, but even more terrified by whatever was happening with Rhage. Rechecking her cell, she followed the directions around to the back side of the school, to a one-laner that took her into the shaggy mess of a landscape.

    Fool's Assassin (The Fitz and The Fool Trilogy #1)

    Just as she wondered where the hell she was supposed to go from there, the question was answered. Off across a meadow, the beast stood out among the abandoned buildings like something out of a SyFy Channel movie. Tall enough to reach the roofs, big enough to dwarf even a dormitory, mean as a tiger teased with a meal, the thing was in full attack mode.Tearing off the roof of a shed with its teeth.

    She didnt bother killing the engine.Mary threw the Volvo in park and leaped out. In the back of her mind, she was aware that the uneven bap-bap-bap in the background was bullets flying, but she wasnt going to worry about that. What she was panicked about?

    Whoever the hell was in that building.As she ran toward the dragon, she put two fingers in her mouth and blew hard.

    The whistle was high-pitched, loud as a scream—and made no impression at all as the shingles of the brick structure got spit out to one side.The roar that followed was something she knew all too well. The beast was ready for his Happy Meal, and that whole rafter-relocation thing was its way of getting into the container.