• A Coalition of Lions (The Lion Hunters #2) Waking Dreams (The Soul's Mark #1.5)

    A performance was exactly what it felt like when I looked at it with eyes wide open. Whether I was right or wrong, I went with my gut. If she was being genuine, she’d prove it to me in time. If not, I had to give it to her—she was good.

    I saw her yesterday, Oliver complained, tossing the book down on the chair.And you’ll get to see her again today. Logan slid on his coat and grabbed his keys, waiting for Oliver, who wasn’t moving.

    Magic Mourns (Kate Daniels #3.5)

    Can I stay with Cassie? he asked.I don’t mind, I told Logan. We’ll go over to my place and make some lunch for when you get back.I want to work in the attic! Oliver flew off the couch and snatched his coat from my hands.

    Raphael Parish (Bayou Heat #1)

    I laughed at his enthusiasm. Logan had hired a crew of men to turn my dank old space into a full-blown office, with a corner library and ping-pong table in the center. He made me proud when the big reveal came earlier than expected, portraying ten times what I’d pictured.All right, stay with Cassandra. Logan walked over and gave his son a hug, then moved back to the door. My arms snaked around his neck, and I kissed him so deeply I knew he’d want to hurry home.

    I’ll come back and get him if Julia really needs him there. I hate to drag him out if it’s for some silly reason.

    I doubt it’s silly if she said it was an emergency.I knew you were alive. She threw her hands in the air, getting worked up again. If not for Logan forcing Caleb to keep me away for a couple days, I’d have come busting through that door the second I heard.

    I smiled to myself. Logan just wanted me to rest.I know. She relaxed, her shoulders sagging as she stood in front of me. I was just hoping you’d do so after calling your best friend and telling her you’re all right.

    Traveling with the Dead (James Asher #2)

    Before I could reply, her arms were around me. She dragged me in for a hug, her anger a thing of the past.She pulled back, tears glistening in her eyes. I’m sorry for freaking out. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. Tell me what I can do—anything.

    You can go to school. The last thing you need to be doing is missing a day of work—you’ll be missing plenty I’m sure once the morning sickness hits. You’ve never been good at handling yourself sick. I smiled, relieved to see her shoulders deflate further.I can handle myself just fine, she retorted, holding back a smile. And I wouldn’t be late if I didn’t have to wait forever for Logan to leave. He’ll be lucky if Oliver makes it on time.

    Yeah, I sat in your driveway next door. Didn’t want him standing over us, trying to convince me to leave.Where did that come from? He wouldn’t. He knows I’m feeling better—and don’t try to change the subject. How are you feeling? You’re already such a baby when you’re sick, and now you’re having one. I laughed wholeheartedly, basking in the comfort I felt from teasing her. It’s a good thing I got plenty of rest. It’s going to be a long nine months.

    Funny. Hilary turned her attention to the foyer, surveying the area before walking toward the living room. Your man has some good taste. She stared up at the massive painting of Oliver as a toddler playing with wooden blocks, which hung in the center of the room. And a seriously cute kid. She turned back to me. You make the perfect addition.She slouched down in the leather chair. I’m just saying—you fit in here.