• Digging In Eternal Hunger (Mark of the Vampire #1)

    And you never know when to stop talking, but God help me, I love you, anyway,—

    And then she recalled the advice given to her by her mother, before the blessed lady had gone to her reward, pecked to death by pigeons—This can’t be real!

    Night Watch (Discworld #29)

    Of course it can’t. It’s a novel. But I swear to you, it’s right here on page 193.Hyacinth’s eyes widened. Lady Danbury frequently accused Hyacinth of embellishment, but this was the first time she had actually demanded verification. She got up and showed the book to the countess, pointing to the paragraph in question.Well, I’ll be, Lady Danbury said. The poor lady did get done in by pigeons. She shook her head. It’s not how I’d like to go.

    The Darkening (Dawn of Ascension #2)

    You probably don’t need to worry on that score, Hyacinth said, resuming her seat.Lady D reached for her cane, then scowled when she realized it was gone. Continue, she barked.

    Right, Hyacinth said to herself, looking back down at the book. Let me see. Ah, yes…gone to her reward, pecked to death by pigeons. She looked up, spluttering. I’m sorry. I can’t read that without laughing.

    Hyacinth cleared her throat several times before resuming. She had been only twelve, far too young for such a conversation, but perhaps her mother had anticipated her early demise. I’m sorry, she cut in again, but how on earth could someone anticipate something like that?Whatever he was planning, whatever he was thinking, it was all for her. She hated that it had been her stupidity that had forced him into this dilemma, but she couldn't stem the tingle of excitement that swept across her skin as she watched him.wColin?" she asked hesitantly. She'd been done speaking for a full minute, and still he hadn't said anything .wI'll take care of everything," he said. "I don't want you to worry about a thing."wI assure you that that is impossible," she said with shaking voice.wI take my wedding vows quite seriously," he replied, his tone almost frighteningly even. "I believe I promised to honor and keep you."wLet me help you," she said impulsively. "Together we can solve this."

    One corner of his mouth lifted into a hint of a smile. "Have you a solution?"She shook her head. "No. I've been thinking all day, and I don't know ... although ..."wAlthough what?" he asked, his brows rising.

    Ours to Love (Wicked Lovers #7)

    Her lips parted, then pursed, then parted again as she said, "What if I enlisted the aid of Lady Danbury?"wYou're planning to ask her to pay off Cressida?"wNo," she said, even though the tone of his voice told her that his had not been a serious question. "I'm going to ask her to be me."wI beg your pardon?"wEveryone thinks she's Lady Whistledown, anyway," Penelope explained. "At least, quite a lot of people do. If she were to make an announcement—"wCressida would refute it instantly," Colin interrupted.wWho would believe Cressida over Lady Danbury?" Penelope turned to him with wide, earnest eyes. "I wouldn't dare cross Lady Danbury in any matter. If she were to say she was Lady Whistledown, I'd probably believe her myself."wWhat makes you think you can convince Lady Danbury to lie for you?"wWell," Penelope replied, chewing on her lower lip, "she likes me."wShe likes you?" Colin echoed.wShe does, rather. I think she might like to help me, especially since she detests Cressida almost as much as I do."wYou think her fondness for you will lead her to lie to the entire ton?" he asked doubtfully.She sagged in her seat. "It's worth asking."

    He stood, his movements abrupt, and walked to the window. "Promise me you won't go to her."wBut—"wPromise me."wI promise," she said, "but—"wNo buts," he said. "If we need to, we'll contact Lady Danbury, but not until I have a chance to think of something else." He raked his hand through his hair. "There must be something else."wWe have a week," she said softly, but she didn't find her words reassuring, and it was difficult to imagine that Colin did, either.He turned around, his about-face so precise he might have been in the military. "I'll be back," he said, heading for the door.wBut where are you going?" Penelope cried out, jumping to her feet.wI have to think," he said, pausing with his hand on the doorknob.wYou can't think here with me?" she whispered.

    His face softened, and he crossed back to her side. He murmured her name, tenderly taking her face in his hands. "I love you," he said, his voice low and fervent. "I love you with everything I am, everything I've been, and everything I hope to be."wColin..."wI love you with my past, and I love you for my future." He bent forward and kissed her, once, softly, on the lips. "I love you for the children we'll have and for the years we'll have together. I love you for every one of my smiles, and even more, for every one of your smiles."Penelope sagged against the back of a nearby chair.wI love you," he repeated. "You know that, don't you?"

    She nodded, closing her eyes as her cheeks rubbed against his hands.wI have things to do," he said, "and I won't be able to concentrate if I'm thinking about you, worrying if you're crying, wondering if you're hurt."wI'm fine," she whispered. "I'm fine now that I've told you."wI will make this right," he vowed. "I just need you to trust me."She opened her eyes. "With my life."