• Breaking Hollywood (Wardrobe #2) The Sun Is Also a Star

    "Yes! No! Not anymore!"

    I averted my eyes to Grace and Heath. If they ever got together, I couldn’t help but feel that they would make another perfect couple. Heath was half-dragon, and although he could not shift into a beastly form—unlike some of the other half-human, half-dragon kids who’d been born in The Shade—he was able to breathe fire, even as a humanoid. Just not in as much intensity as a dragon could. Grace, on the other hand, was half fae, and she could manipulate natural elements, fire especially. I could not wait to see them work together as a team.When Brock returned, he leaned over to Arwen again, this time taking the liberty of kissing her full on the mouth.

    In the Company of Witches (Arcane Shot #2)

    Grace and I rolled our eyes.You two should just get a room already, Heath muttered, biting into his apple.Arwen and Brock ignored the three of us and continued to make out as if nobody else was present.

    Circus of the Damned (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #3)

    Grace—her cheeks still rather rosy—cleared her throat. She was clearly about to change the subject when Ben’s voice came booming through the chamber.Attention, please, Ben said, moving inside. We have details. I’m not sure how many of you remember reports of that missing cargo ship off the coast of Canada? Well, it’s been located and that’s where we’re headed; the assumption is that supernaturals hijacked it.

    But we have no idea what kind of supernaturals? Eli spoke up from his seat next to Shayla.

    Ben shook his head, addressing Eli even as his eyes fell on his daughter, Grace. Be prepared for anything.And thank heavens you kept your jacket with you, my father added.

    What happened to you, Vicky? Derek asked.I waited until I’d hugged everyone before replying. I glanced back at Bastien, who was still looking cautious as he gazed at this crowd of strangers. I took his hand and brought him forward to introduce him. Like Corrine, they too suspected he’d kidnapped and had been abusing me in some way. I quickly quelled their misconceptions as I’d done the witch’s, before they explained to me the reason they’d thought Bastien was a scoundrel. Detrius. My blood boiled at the thought of that man badmouthing Bastien even now, after everything he’d done.

    Vampires Gone Wild (Love at Stake #13.5)

    Then Corrine made me sit down so she could tend to my ankle while I recounted everything that had happened since we parted ways. I put particular emphasis on how much Bastien had helped me, as well as in describing the atrocities the hunters were committing in this realm. I concluded, We must help these wolves defend their land against the hunters. It’s barbaric what they are doing.Uncle Derek and Ben exchanged glances.

    Tomorrow the wolves will hold a final meeting before choosing a course of action. They’re desperate, and the ideas they shared earlier tonight all sounded shaky. You should attend the meeting and offer to help, I pressed.Bastien cleared his throat before anyone else could respond. Victoria, I don’t know how open the assembly will be to outside help, especially help from vampires—despite how desperately we need it. That said, it would be sheer foolishness to not try to convince them. We will be far stronger together. He looked straight at Derek. Sir, if you are really willing to help us, I will go to speak to my uncle immediately so that he can converse with the other tribes and see where they stand on the matter.

    I looked with wide eyes and hopeful expectation toward my parents, Derek and Ben. To my relief, Uncle Derek replied, We would be willing to attend the meeting and see if there is a way we can assist you.Bastien’s eyes glistened with gratitude. Thank you, he breathed. Thank you.

    As I left Victoria with her family, it was the strangest feeling to be walking away from her. I’d gotten so used to her being by my side. I had been with her nonstop of late, with barely even a minute apart.At least now I might not have to watch her go so soon.