• Hidden (House of Night #10) The Dead Zone

    I regret to inform you that I have an unbreakable commitment this evening, he told her, which means I will not be able to drive to Wintour House with you. But I will see you there. And I hope you will save me two dances.

    Can I help? Get your mind off things, I mean?He didn’t respond, just tilted his head as he watched me. I placed my hand over the bulge in his black boxer briefs, stroking him softly until I coaxed his manhood awake.

    Dragon Wytch (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #4)

    Gavin turned his chair from the desk to face me, tugging his boxers down just enough to free himself, but didn’t say a word.I soothed him the only way I knew he’d allow. Afterward, he laced our fingers together and led me back to bed.I pulled the copy of the subpoena from my briefcase and slid it across the desk to my stern-faced lawyer. So far, he was the only person I’d managed to bring myself to tell. Not my brothers.

    The Alpha's Concubine (Love Slaves of the Alphas #2)

    He perched a pair of thick-framed glasses on the edge of his nose and his eyes zoomed back and forth, reading the words I now knew by heart.I don’t understand. It’s been two years, I muttered under my breath.

    He held up a finger as he finished reading the last page, and sat the papers down before folding his hands on his desk. Mr. Kingsley, I’m going to be blunt. This is a cash grab, and frankly, I’m not surprised. Your company has been in the papers for a couple of weeks now, and the value of it has been printed in every newspaper in North America.

    So? Anyone with a Forbes magazine or an Internet browser could’ve learned that.We were? I don’t remember, Luke said, finishing his drink.

    I’m hoping to find out what happened to him, I said to Teeny.And what’s in it for me?

    Bloodcircle (Vampire Files #3)

    Sweet woman. What would you like? Damn. That was a mistake. I should’ve offered her twenty bucks.What would I like? she screeched. I’d like my son to go to Tufts University, that’s what I’d like. But you killed his chance, didn’t you? And now you want something from me? I doubt it, flatlander.

    Ooh. The ultimate insult, calling a Mainer a flatlander.The bar had gone more or less quiet.

    Mrs. Fletcher, I’m sorry you’re still under the delusion that I stole anything from Luke. As you well know, the Perez Scholarship goes to the student with the highest GPA. I was that student. I understand, however, that Luke got a nice scholarship to the University of Maine, which is another fantastic school. Xiaowen Liu got her doctorate there, and look at her now. So whatever happened to Luke since high school isn’t any of my doing, and all of his.Fuck you, Luke said, draining his drink.

    You’re a snotty little thing, aren’t you? She rubbed her son’s back in a way that was quite icky, given that he was thirty-five. He didn’t seem to notice.Thanks for your time, I said. Carmella, nice seeing you again. That, at least, I meant.