• Shadow Rites (Jane Yellowrock #10) Tanner's Virgin (Evan Tanner #6)

    And then Walter plants one on Cordelia—with tongue. And she lets him. He licks her chin, her lips, and as she laughs . . . it looks like her teeth and tongue get a thorough cleaning too.

    The smell of sautéing onions was so out of context that she decided this was a dream. Yup, she was going to round this corner here and walk into her grandmothers kitchen and see a non sequitur at their table for two. Lady Gaga or Leonardo DiCaprio or, hell, Leonardo da Vinci—Sola stopped dead. Across the linoleum, sitting on the pair of cane chairs, were two men shed been convinced she would never see again.

    The Last Continent (Discworld #22)

    Her first thought, as identical sets of eyes swung in her direction, was that the chairs were not going to hold all that weight for long—but Assails cousins solved that problem by rising to their feet. As they bowed low in her direction, it was bizarre—but also what she was used to them doing whenever she walked into a room.Dream, she told herself. This was a figment of her imagination.You, her grandmother ordered to the one on the right. You go and get chair for my Sola. Go.

    By a Thread (Elemental Assassin #6)

    The six-five stretch of muscle and banked aggression trotted off into the living room like a retriever sent for a tennis ball, returning with an armchair instead of something lighter. Then again, if youd asked him to pick up a quart of milk, hed probably bring the whole Publix back to you. Scuse me, he said as he came up behind her.

    As Sola moved out of his way, she wondered how her grandmother could so calmly be dicing red and yellow peppers.

    I need to wake up, Sola muttered. Right now.Rubes took that opportunity to disappear out of the staff door. The retainer wasnt as smart or efficient in her exit.

    The female seemed to become suspended between the direct order and her inner convictions. But when Silas just glared at her like he was prepared to throw her out of the suite himself, she cleared her throat.I do wish you would reconsider, she said tightly.

    Three Nights with a Scoundrel (Stud Club #3)

    Duly noted and declined.Squaring her shoulders, she didnt retreat so much as un-advance, if that made sense, her regal carriage and clipping, short-heeled shoes, like a string of curses left in her wake.

    And then Ivie and Silas were alone.If youll excuse me, Silas said tightly, I have to sit down.

    His gait was stiff as he went over to the bed, and he lowered himself onto the mattress like every bone in his body hurt. With hands that shook, he slowly did up each button of the shirt, covering himself.As he worked to close the two halves, snippets of memories flashed through Ivies mind: him not really ever eating; him not removing all his clothes those times theyd been together; the sudden burst of energy hed had from feeding; his need to go home at dawn each night; the fact that he never dematerialized, but drove.

    But all of that was kind of hard to track.There was a silk-covered armchair over in the corner by a brass lamp and an Old Masters painting of a vase of flowers. Ivie went across and sat down because she didnt trust her legs.