• Sweet Blood of Mine (Overworld Chronicles #1) One Door Away from Heaven

    I pressed my lips together, pretty sure that his expression and mine had been similar. What made it better was that I knew how hard he’d tried, and he still wasn’t upset over it. The only thing hurting him now was this worry that I’d remember him as something less than a gentleman.

    Essentially, he said with a smile. Like I said, there are a few there for the sake of the show, but I think you’ve got a very promising lot. Far better than mine.Did your father choose for you?

    Finding My Prince Charming (Finding My Prince Charming #1)

    Some. But it was different then. Why do you ask?I thought back. This is what you meant, wasn’t it? When you said it was years of work on your end?Well, we had to make sure certain girls would be of age, and in some provinces we had several options. But, trust me, you’re going to love them.

    Courting Darkness (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #10)

    Love them? As if he cared. As if this wasn’t just another way to push the crown, the palace, and himself ahead.Suddenly, his offhand comment about Daphne being a waste made sense. He didn’t care if I was close to her because she was charming or good company; he cared that she was France. Not even a person to him. And since he basically had what he needed from France, she was useless in his eyes. Had she proven valuable, I had no doubt that he would have been willing to throw a beloved tradition out this window.

    He sighed. Don’t mope. I thought you’d be excited. Don’t you even want to look?

    I straightened my suit coat. As you’ve said, this is nothing to daydream over. I’ll see them when everyone else does. If you’ll excuse me, I need to finish reading the amendment you drafted.It makes you look much more mature, Cindly added.

    I nodded. It does, doesn’t it?Wait, wait, wait! Emon cried, running to the jewelry box. She fished through several pieces, searching for something in particular. Finally, she came up with a necklace that had large glittering red stones. I hadn’t been brave enough to wear it yet.

    The Heat is On (Out of Uniform #6)

    I lifted my hair, expecting her to want me to try it on, but she had other ideas. Gently, she laid the necklace across my head. It was so ornate, it was very reminiscent of a crown.My maids all sucked in a breath, but I stopped breathing completely.

    I had spent so many years imagining Prince Clarkson as my husband, but never once had I considered him as the boy who could make me a princess. For the first time ever, I realized I wanted that, too. I wasn’t full of connections or dripping with wealth, but I sensed it was a role that I would not simply fill but excel at. I’d always believed I’d be a good match for Clarkson, but maybe I could be a good match for the monarchy, too.I looked at myself in the mirror, and along with imagining Schreave tacked on the end of my name, I placed princess right before it. In that instant I wanted him, the crown—every last piece of this—like nothing before.

    I HAD MARTHA FIND ME a jeweled headband to wear in the morning and left my hair completely down. I’d never been so excited about breakfast. I thought I looked positively beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to see if Clarkson felt the same way.If I was smart I’d have gotten there a bit early; but as it was, I ambled in with several other girls, completely missing my chance to get the prince’s attention. I darted my eyes toward the head table every few seconds, but Clarkson was focused on his meal, dutifully cutting his waffles and ham, occasionally glancing over to some papers beside him. His father drank coffee mostly, only scooping up a bite when he took a break from the document he was reading. I assumed he and Clarkson were studying the same thing and that both of them starting so early meant they were going to have a very busy day. The queen was nowhere to be seen, and while the word hangover was never said aloud, I could practically hear it in everyone’s thoughts.

    Once breakfast was over, Clarkson left with the king, off to do whatever it was they did that made our country work.I sighed. Maybe tonight.