• Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane #1) Subterranean

    I’m not a zombie! he said breathlessly, and probably just in the nick of time.

    Silly girl. I’d sent her back to Australia. But I never stopped watching. How could I when I knew I’d fallen head over f**king heels that night she gave me everything? I’d taken her pain virginity—I’d welcomed her into my clutches, then released her—knowing I’d ruined her but unable to keep her against her will any longer.I raised my eyebrow. I’ve put a tracker in your wedding ring—did you honestly think I wouldn’t check on you from time to time in Melbourne? Time to time—meaning every f**king minute. I’d been an obsessed creep.

    Callum & Harper (Sleepless #1)

    You spied on me? she whispered.I shrugged. Spied…kept you safe. Same difference.She laughed. Hardly. But okay—if that’s your first question. I’ll answer it. Taking a deep breath, she said, Yes, I have an older brother. His name is Samuel, and he’s twenty years older than me. He wanted a younger sister about as much as my parents wanted another child.

    Crash into You (Pushing the Limits #3)

    My heart pummelled against my chest at the thought of Tess growing up in a household with no love, company, or connection. Assholes. Maybe they deserved payback. My mind ran wild with ways to make them suffer.Her family would never see a cent from me. Ever.

    Why get pregnant then? If they only made your life a misery—what was the point?

    My brutal question didn’t faze Tess. Her fingers turned white around her glass, but she answered bravely. I was a mistake. My father had a vasectomy but it failed. They never forgot to tell me that every year. She dropped her hand, playing with the tablecloth. When I turned twelve, they pretty much stopped pretending to raise me. I was self-sufficient in their eyes. They embraced retirement. It worked well for them—having a younger daughter craving attention, I did almost everything they asked me to do. They had a live-in maid, and a terrible cook, for free.At the same time Franco tore at Q’s trousers. The material fell away, revealing shiny black slacks. In a blink, Q was disarmed of the illusion of pureness and re-dressed in darkness. His tie came undone, waistcoat, and shirt all ripped from his bruised torso.

    Q stood half-naked and I couldn’t control the desire spooling in my blood. The dampness between my legs multiplied staring at the man who owned my heart. The damaged man who needed to lie down and let me lavish him with love.My eyes fell to the scarring ‘T’ above his heart, barely visible amongst fresh bruises. My heart flurried. My self-consciousness and doubt faded away, drinking in his perfection.

    Moonraker (James Bond #3)

    Frederick turned to a hidden pedestal, returning with a black blazer beautifully tailored with embroidered crimson sparrows.What the f**k are you doing? Q demanded as the new blazer was shoved up his arms and positioned over his shoulders. His na**d chest and tattoo stayed visible through the gaping of the fabric.

    Frederick growled, Giving you a memory you will never forget, you bastard.Q’s face darkened. I had everything I wanted before you f**ked it up.

    Franco shook his head. You had the white wedding, but you and Tess are more than that. You come alive in the dark. And that’s what we’re giving you. Believe me, you’ll want this.Q gritted his teeth, shrugging the new clothing into position. He transformed from angel to monster. My monster.

    Q’s eyes landed on me, striking the match, blazing gunpowder to my core. My stomach fluttered as his gaze devoured me. I wanted to run my tongue down his chest. I wanted to tear off his trousers and worship him with my mouth.My damp knickers became soaking with how deliciously dangerous he was. How bruised and damaged and sore.