• Knight & Play (Knight #1) Mine to Crave (Mine #4)

    Yeah. He nodded, then lifted his head. Unless you needed to say something.

    I will make you beg for death, the spider seethed, advancing again.It recoiled, preparing to spring.

    Sorceress of Darshiva (The Malloreon #4)

    Make it count; make the swing count—And went tumbling off the cliff as a dark ruk slammed into it, roaring her fury.Not Kadara. But Arcas.

    Curran, Vol. I (Curran POV #1)

    A whirlwind of fury, Arcas reared up, then dove again, Bortes battle cry ringing off the stones as she and her ruk aimed for the kharankui in the pass below. To the spider holding them off, blood—red blood—leaking from him.Another cry split the night, one shed learned as well as her own voice.

    And there was Kadara, sailing hard for them, two other ruks in her wake.

    Sartaq let out what might have been a sob as one of the other ruks broke away, diving to where Borte swept and lunged and shattered through the kharankui ranks.I cant help myself. She lifted up one shoulder in a small shrug. Everyone grovels at my feet, and Im not even trying.

    That actually sounds like a pretty horrible way to live.It can be, Penn said, her voice sounding oddly small and far away. Then she shook off the mood and smiled brightly at him. But most of the time life is exactly the way I want it.

    Lure of Oblivion (The Mercury Pack #3)

    Its hard to know exactly. She tucked her hair behind her ear. We had different calendars back then. But the closest estimate is that I was born in 24 B.C.And almost that entire time you were a siren, with everyone doing anything you wanted? Daniel asked.

    Pretty much, she replied cheerily.He rested his hands on the sawhorse and shook his head. That sounds lonely.

    Her smile faltered for a split second, a solitary flash of a moment when Daniel realized that hed gotten it right. This big show that Penn put on about being happy and everything being perfect, that was all it was—a big show. She was lonely.I had my sisters, she said, but she lowered her eyes. And I was in love. Once.

    Bastian? Daniel asked, sincerely intrigued by the idea of Penn feeling anything real for anybody. The immortal that was immune to you?He was also a jerk, Penn reminded him.