• Spirit Witch (The Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic #3) Phoenix Overture (Newsoul #2.5)

    She let go of him immediately. "Did I hurt you?"

    He stopped short, and his face went cold."I mean, either you do it or have him do it," Miranda told her mother-in-law. "But not both."

    Song in the Dark (Vampire Files #11)

    "That's the childbirth talking," Lady Rudland said soothingly. "You're not thinking clearly.""No! He can do it if you want because he's…seen me before. Or you can do it because you're a woman. But I don't want you seeing me while he sees me. Don't you understand?" Miranda gripped the older woman's arm with uncharacteristic force.Back in the corner, Turner suppressed a smile. "I'll let you do the honors, Mother," he said, keeping his voice flat so that he didn't burst out laughing. With a sharp nod, he left the room. He forced himself to walk halfway down the hall before letting laughter take over. What a funny little set of scruples his wife had.

    Captain's Fury (Codex Alera #4)

    Back in the bedroom, Miranda was gritting her teeth against another contraction as Lady Rudland peeled off her ruined dress."Is he gone?" she asked. She did not trust him not to peek in.

    Her mother-in-law nodded. "He won't bother us."

    "It's not a bother," Miranda said, before she could think the better of it.C-Come with me, the guard said, grabbing hold of Bastien’s hand, before realizing that I stood next to him. His eyes had passed over me briefly when he’d first opened the door, but he’d seemed to barely give me a second thought, being so consumed with Bastien.

    We entered the mountain, stepping into a surprisingly beautiful entrance chamber. The floors were made of sanded black stone, and rich, deep-colored tapestries hung from the walls. The guard hurried us toward a wide staircase. Even as Bastien harassed him with questions, the guard refused to give any answers, simply telling Bastien that he needed to speak with his cousin.Who else is alive? Bastien growled.

    Bloodline (Wings in the Night #16)

    Just come, the guard stammered. Come.The guard sped up, and I was no longer able to keep up with them. Bastien grabbed me by the waist and hauled me over his shoulder so they could continue rushing forward at full speed. I was grateful that he was conscientious enough to not bang my ankle against anything.

    I couldn’t see much from where I dangled upside down. And the blood rushing to my head did not help my vision either. All I knew was that we were rushing through more halls and corridors and passing dozens of other werewolves along the way. Bastien also called out questions to these people—like, How are you all still here? and What in the name of The Woodlands happened?—but all of them shied away from answering, deferring to Bastien’s mysterious cousin, just as the guard was doing.Finally, we reached another door, and Bastien returned me to my feet.

    The guard pushed the door open, and we stepped into a vast hall with a high, round ceiling. The place was windowless except for the wall to our left, where a wide window stretched the entire length of it from roof to floor. Shafts of evening light spilled through the glass, casting pale rays upon the rough walls, adorned with the hides of wolves hung like trophies. Conquered enemy wolves, I supposed. Wooden chairs surrounded the hall, and directly in front of us at the opposite end were stone steps leading to a raised altar upon which stood two black thrones, one larger and more elevated than the other.A young man sat on the grander one. He didn’t share any likeness to Bastien with his stark blond, straight hair, and he wore a silver crown. An older man with a long white beard sat on the throne next to him. He appeared to be blind. A group of ten men surrounded them on lower chairs. Apparently they had been in the middle of a meeting.

    As we barged in, they whirled to face us.Detrius, Bastien breathed, his eyes fixed on the younger man.