• Bitten (The Vampire Legends #3) The Isis Collar (Blood Singer #4)

    He slowly brought his hands to my waist but didn’t deepen the kiss. Say it again, he begged.

    That comment made me scowl. Those fuckers don’t miss me, they don’t give a shit about me. They wrote me off. I’m not going anywhere they’re gonna be.You don’t have to see them or make an appearance with them, Harold interjected. But it will add extra hype to the show if you’re at the same ceremony as the D-Bags. Everybody will be talking about it, and the more exposure the better.

    Heretics of Dune (Dune Chronicles #5)

    The fact that he’d planned this for the hype made me purse my lips. And if we do meet up, and somebody gets slugged?Harold’s face broke into a one-sided grin. The more exposure the better. You want to be a star, don’t you? And besides, this could help get you on the air faster.An irritated huff escaped my lips. I wanted to say yes to his statement and no to his request, but I couldn’t really do that. Anna didn’t voice her argument again, but she squeezed my arm, silently asking me to say yes. Ugh, fine. You guys win. I’ll go to the stupid awards show.

    The Last Juror

    His smile widened and he patted my shoulder. Great! Now, keep on pimping your show. Everyone in that room should know who you are and be excited that they know you.Puffing my chest out, I grabbed Anna’s hand. Yeah, yeah they should.

    Harold opened the doors and left. I was about to follow him when Anna pulled on my hand, holding me back. Babe…quick question.

    I looked over at her with a raised eyebrow. Yeah?Anna texted me back while I was getting dressed. Yes, it was! I saw your audition on TV last night. What you said, it was very touching.

    It made me smile that she’d seen my message to her. Of course, I’d been too emotional to finish it on air, but I had a feeling that just made it even more powerful. I’m glad you saw it. It was hard to say.I know, she texted back. Good luck today. I love you.

    Dark Challenge (Dark #5)

    A weird feeling went through me, but I immediately shoved it back and texted, I love you too. It was still odd for me to say, but I knew Anna needed to hear it, and really, however I could make her happy right now was worth it.Putting my phone in my pocket, I left my room and made my way downstairs to where the rest of the remaining contestants were gathering.

    Everywhere I turned, I was given high fives, brief hugs, and well wishes. Even though we were all in a competition, we supported each other. We’d become a strange sort of family, bound together by one common goal—survive to the next round. Today was going to be brutal though, and as I hugged people back and offered my own words of encouragement, I knew almost everyone around me would be going home today. Hopefully, I wasn’t one of them.There was one final round of cuts this afternoon as the crowd was culled to less than half of what it was now, then the final twenty would be chosen tonight. To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

    When Liam came down to join the group, he looked as anxious as I felt. After giving him a hug, I looked him in the eye. You all right?Looking green, he said, I just threw up on a plant in the hallway. And I don’t think I’m done… He put a hand on his stomach.

    Laughing, I told him, It’s okay to be nervous, just don’t let it lock you up. Be loose and easy up there, and you’ll do fine.A group nearby had heard me, and they came closer. You know what they’re looking for, since you were one of them for a long time…You got any tips for us? Their spokesperson was a man named Cruz. He was doing really well from all I’d seen, shredding whatever piece of music they gave him.