• Infinity + One At First Sight (Timber Wolves Trilogy #3.5)

    The reminder seemed to calm some of her indignation. I’m twenty-seven. Why do you want to know?

    Then he led me back to our ride, helping me up the ladder onto the smaller ski boat. As we headed toward the dock, he gave me that smile again—the one that felt like it was only for me—and those damn butterflies were back. Why did he have to have such different sides to him?Wilder I could shut out. He was a pompous, reckless ass who would no doubt get me hurt in more ways than one.

    Kindred (The Kindred #1)

    But Paxton? Yeah. I was defenseless against him, and that was even more dangerous.I glanced at the door as Dr. Westwick droned on about the principals of inertia. Physics had to be the most frustrating class I’d ever taken, and honestly, I didn’t care when the ball I’d rolled would stop rolling.Unless that rolling ball would explain to me where the hell Paxton was.

    Lone Wolf (Shifters Unbound #4.6)

    We’d been at sea four straight days, and he had already missed two of our World Lit classes, one of World Religion, and now all of our Physics. How the hell was I supposed to keep his grades up if he didn’t come to class?My eyes drifted to the window, where the waves of the Atlantic were currently affecting the pitch of my stomach.

    Make sure you turn in your answers via eCampus by midnight tomorrow, and look over the guide for the quiz on Monday. Don’t slack off just because you have a couple days in Barcelona, Dr. Westwick warned, ending our class.

    I gathered my things to leave, shoving my binder into my bag a little harder than necessary.Chase nearly choked on the idea. He’d better hope nothing happens to our girl—by him or anyone else he might associate with. As for Carys, I still say she belongs with us. Especially now. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten what happened to Cassian Gray last week, or the fact that Carys was nearly swept into that whole ordeal with Jordana.

    No, of course his mate wouldn’t have forgotten. Aside from the fact that Tavia’s unique extrasensory gift was a flawless photographic memory, no one in the Order would forget the circumstances of La Notte’s club owner’s murder by Atlantean soldiers, or the kidnapping of Jordana soon afterward.Tavia rested her hand on Chase’s forearm. We raised two very strong-willed, hard-headed children, my love. If we wonder where it came from, we only have to look in the mirror.

    Lawful Lover (Eternal Bachelors Club #2)

    At his grumbled acknowledgment, Tavia leaned toward him and kissed his cheek. We have guests in the other room. Come back inside and try to be sociable. Leave that scowl out here in the hallway and let’s spend some time with our friends. She smiled at the pair of warriors. Eli, Jax.Ma’am, they replied in unison.

    After Tavia had slipped back into the living room, Chase asked, Have you seen Nathan and Jordana tonight?Jax nodded. They were in the command center operations room with Aric when we came in a minute ago.

    Chase had deliberately kept Carys’s twin brother off the patrols that would take him to the club where Rune fought. Aric shared his father’s opinion that Carys was only going to get hurt. Not long ago, he’d tried to discourage her from seeing Rune and as a result, his children were hardly speaking to each other anymore.Chase heaved a sigh. Ask Jordana and Nathan to come see me in about an hour. I have a favor to ask of them.

    With the two warriors dismissed, Chase went back to the room where Tavia was chatting with Mathias Rowan and his Breedmate, Nova, who had arrived a short time ago from London.Chase had known Mathias from their days together in the Breed’s Enforcement Agency in Boston. That was more than twenty years ago, but the two men had remained close friends and both now served the Order as district commanders of their respective regions.